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Oregon based company with two major categories of products flying of the shelves from Beautification to taste exfoliation and much more.

Pet Aid

Oregon based company that makes all of their tinctures and salves specifically formulated with proven home and traditional remedies to target numerous aids with large eyes and many more products.


Oregon based company that believes in their marijuana plants and the ground the come from. Packing everything they make with the whole plants contents.


Idaho based company that is on the cutting edge of nano technology that is far beyond all the others that attempt to walk into the realm they have concentrated on for years with many products.

Vetting & testing

When we receive a final product from any of our partners we take all through our additional testing programs know as, 4th Party Testing. This program continues to prove its worth from the strict packaging guidelines along with testing the formulation in the final product and labeling it with its proper classification.

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